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Stilvi Psilopoulou is a distinguished Greek American actress received her Bachelor’s degree in Acting in 2014 from one of the top Drama Schools in Athens, Greece, the Mary Vogiatzi-Traga Drama School while being already a holder of another Bachelor’s degree in English Language and Literature from the very well-known institution The Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. 

Stilvi Psilopoulou has been working as an actor for almost two decades with some of the very best Greek actors like Elisavet Konstantinidou, Ilias Logothetis, Alexandros Stavrou, Katerina Didaskalou, Nikitas Tsakiroglou and more. She has also worked with the most prominent Greek directors like Dimitris Arvanitis, Yorgos Oikonomidis, Panos Aggelopoulos and more.

In the years 2006-2009, Stilvi Psilopoulou has been the lead in many theater productions in Thessaloniki. Later on, she moved to Athens where in 2011 she took part in the very well-known TV series Stolen Dreams. In 2014 she started expanding her creativity directing this time herself A Midsummer Night’s Dream with the participation of the students of Mavrommati School.

In 2016, she was the first to translate the British play Yard Gal in Greek in which she also starred and was the line producer. Under the direction of Alexandros Stavrou Yard Gal became a great success. One year later, she wrote, produced and starred in the short film Black Boxed which was nominated by the Female Filmmakers Festival in L.A. and awarded with special honors, as the best screenplay, by the Artfools Eco-Fashion Film Festival in Greece. Black Boxed is what she calls her feminist manifesto. She has also taken part in other short films as well.

In 2017, she took part in The Saviors Of God-Spiritual Exercises which was staged at Odeon Of Herodes Atticus. The following year she starred in Prisoners at Vault Theater and a few months later she also starred in What Are You Doing There? which was staged at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, in London.

In 2020, she starred in Ciao Italia film and she also took part in Balland for a Pierced Heart.

She has also started her own YouTube channel ”The Stilvi Show”and at the same time she's launched her online shop ''Thrift Me Harder'' supporting ethical fashion and sustainability. 

In 2021 she wrote, produced and starred in Phoenix 2021/ A Survival Guide, which was also her directorial debut. Phoenix 2021/ A Survival Guide received many nominations and awards and it was also screened at the Chinese Theater in Hollywood.

Stilvi has also attended many acting and vocal workshops in Athens, Thessaloniki and Los Angeles and she is fluent in English, German and Greek.

full resume

Height: 5'3''   |  Weight: 110  |  Eye Color: Hazel   |   Hair Color: Blonde


Feature Films

Short Films

Phoenix 2021/ A Survival Guide

Ciao Italia                                 

Ballad For A Pierced Heart          Destiny


Black Boxed

(Nominated by the                       Female Filmmakers

Festival in L.A.                

and awarded with

special honors

by the Eco Fashion

Film Festivals of Artfools

in Larissa, Greece)  

Nekros Thaftis                           


Lead/ Writer/ Producer





Lead/ Writer/ Producer




Dir. Stilvi Psilopoulou

Dir. Giorgos Papatheodorou      Dir. Yannis Economidis      Dir.Dimitris Kitsikoudis              Dir. Maria Stefanidou

Dir. Manos Antoniou









Dir. Rena Xarami                            



Klemmena Oneira               


Dir. Dimitris Arvanitis



Yard Gal 

The Saviors Of

God - Spiritual Exercises 

What Are You Doing There? 

A Midsummer Night's Dream

The Butterfly's Evil Spell          The Beet And The Devil          Richard III        


Lead/ Translator/ Line Producer 







Lady Ann                                      






Vault Theater Plus

Vault Theater Plus

Odeon Of Herodes Atticus

Parathlasi Theater

Royal Central School Of Speech And Drama 

Mavrommati Elementary School

Ora Theater

Ora Theater

Parathlasi Theater






Available on request


Bachelor Degree In Acting           


English Language

And Literature       



Perceptual Acting Technique                                 

Laban Acting Technique                     

Meisner Acting Technique               

Acting On Camera                       

Vocal Training 

On-Set, On-Camera Workshop         David Rountree                            

                       Athens, Greece

                       Thessaloniki, Greece


                       Thessaloniki, Greece 

                       Thessaloniki, Greece                                                

                       Athens, Greece

                       Athens, Greece

                       Athens, Greece

                       Athens, Greece

                       Athens, Greece

                       Los Angeles, California

Mary Vogiatzi- Traga Drama School 


Aristotle University                      


Parathlasi Theater                     

Ora Theater               

Maria Tsarouha                          

Kiki Selioni                              

Olga George                            

Panos Kokkinopoulos                   

National Music School                  

Special Skills


Languages: English (both American & British accent), Greek (native speaker), German. Athletics: Ballet , Rhythmic Gymnastics,  Graham Dance Technique, Windsurfing, Yoga, Pilates, Pole Dancing. Instruments: Keyboard, Guitar. Other skills: Valid Driver's License.

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